Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tales From The Yoga Studio Book #8

I've been on a book reading kick lately with awesome book club picks and other great recommendations and reads and was excited when FSB Associates sent me Tales From The Yoga Studio to read. I am very picky about books I review because I love reading and the "to-read" list grows longer by the day so I choose what to add very selectively. Still, when I saw the title and the book cover, I couldn't resist [Yes, I've been known to judge a book by its cover a great number of times]. This is the first time in years I read a review copy but I'm glad I did.

This novel leads us through the struggles of a yoga instructor who loves her craft and helps her students not just with yoga but helping them in the other aspects of their lives as well though her own personal life is far from perfect with her marital struggles and the constant pressure to go with a lucrative contract with a fast-growing franchise who'd love to have her on board but would require her to give up her personal studio where so many adore her and rely upon her. The story focuses on a group of yoga students and the personal struggles they are going through. There is something for everyone to relate to in reading this, be it watching the struggles of smaller stores resisting corporate buy-out pressures, to the individual struggles of the women featured in this story. Over all, it was a light quick read and as a wanna be yogi one that helped me live vicariously through the women in the book.


  1. Interesting review. I was intrigued by your take on it and so I also read some other reviews. Now I will look for Tales From The Yoga Studio from my local library since it seems to be a "light, easy read" as well as having personal insights and something I can enjoy right now during our blustery winter in the CA Bay Area.

    Thanks! catherine :~)

  2. Catherine, I'm glad you liked it. The book was okay- its light and easy to read- if your'e looking for light easy with personal insights- I have a few to recommend to you- does your blog have your e-mail address? Jonathon Tropper, and Nick Hornby come to mind- they make you think and they're hilarious and easy to finish!

  3. Thanks...You can send me a message through the contact page on my blog!